Computer Rap

This is what happens when text-to-speech programs fall into the wrong hands:

That’s Right, Yo

Of course this is the G-rated version. Before doing this, we made the program go through the prerequisite cursing for our amusement. Don’t we just love it when we can teach other things how to swear?

Formal Introduction

So now that the initial excitement has worn off a little bit, I guess I should tell you what this is all about. I am an experimental filmmaker. This has a wide variety of interpretations, but clicking on this link to my site will give you the opportunity to watch some clips of my work. And before anyone asks: no, I do not drop acid or do any other drugs when I make my films!

My background is music. I’ve played the piano for 25 of my 28 years on this planet. I kind of like to think of my films as songs and they should be watched that way. We don’t always pay attention to lyrics, right? Sometimes we just like to listen to the music. So, why do we feel that we need a narrative background to watch a film? Not that I mind- I love movies. I just think that there can be so much more to a film than story. Currently, I am making non-narrative, abstract, animated, short films. I am also working on a full-length narrative project at the moment.

Oh yeah, and I am also trying to get into grad school as an astrophysicist.

Okay, so these two things seem entirely unrelated, but if you could live a day in my mind (and I don’t recommend it), it would make perfect sense! Many of my films have astronomical themes and involve some pretty interesting optical techniques. There’s also not really a “living” to be made in experimental films. However, all of it makes for interesting blather, which is why I decided to start a blog. It also has an amazing impact on my dream life, which I also thought I might share with the Internet Ether. I enjoy bringing the unseen or ignored into the light. (This link just shows some still versions of what I do on film. You wouldn’t believe the materials I use to create these bizarre little landscapes! 😉

It’s a picture!

Wow! That’s me over to the right of this text. Some day, my blog will not be so inane. Until then, watch me, invisible world, as I ooh and ahh at the wonders of modern technology. For now, I go to job #3. That’s the job where I go stand at a makeup counter all night and either stare at the reflected lights as I polish the silver around the glass case for the fifth time, or convince women that some lotion is going to make them look like they are fifteen again. Unless they are fifteen. Then it is my job to convince them that some lotion is going to make them look like they are thirty…